Long Toft Primary School

Church Road, Stainforth, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN7 5AB

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Foundation Outdoor Area

The Early Years Foundation stage has recently had a new outdoor learning environment built. This is an amazing area for the children at Long Toft Primary School. The children are able to use the outdoor environment on a daily basis. 

Busy Bench

The busy bench encourages the children to explore, construct and experiment using a variety of learning materials. During their play, they will communicate with their friends, ask and answer questions, test their ideas and make decisions about what they are making.

Builders Yard

The builders yard encourages the children to develop their role playing skills. This is also a great area to develop the children’s mathematical skills. When building, the children will work together, listen to their friend’s ideas and learn to play co-operatively.          

Maths Hide

In this area the children will participate in maths games such as skittles and Jenga. The children will use natural materials to develop their understanding of pattern and composition of number.

Storytelling Throne

The storytelling area encourages the children to share their love of books with their friends. Helps to develop their listening and communication skills and helps them to develop their ability to concentrate. Within this area the children have access to small world characters so they can use their knowledge of stories and their imagination to create their own stories.

Mud Kitchen

The mud kitchen helps the children to develop their gross and fine motor skillsWhilst enjoying the messy play, they are able to use all their senses to communicate their ideas to their friends, develop mathematical and scientific concepts and take on a role in their play.

Water Pumps and Tunnel

In this area the children develop their hand eye coordination, solve problems and develop their understanding of maths and science concepts. They enjoy filling and emptying the buckets and watching the water roll down the tunnel walls. This area helps with the children’s physical development.

Sand Area

Sand play helps the children to develop their fine and gross motor skills, building strength and control. They can use this area to develop their communication and language skills, imagination and understanding of mathematical and scientific concepts. It helps children to use all their senses to explore the differences between materials and the natural world around them.


The children have great fun climbing up the slope and becoming a character when they enter the fort. This area is great for building confidence and enables the children to tell stories and act out characters from the stories.