If there are any issues regarding Long Toft that you would like to share with the governors, please email them using the following address:

Please click the link to view our most recent agenda of the governor's FGB.

Please click the link to view the governor's long term strategic plan. This will be reviewed in consultation with parents and pupils.

Genny Bradley

My name is Genny Bradley. I am now retired having worked for some 26 years providing Human Resources services to schools in Sheffield. For the last 10 years I was Head of Human Resources & a member of the Directorate Management team for Education & more latterly Children Services. I am passionate about changing & improving children’s lives through education. As a governor I want to use my previous experience to support the school.

Janice Lyons

My name is Janice Lyons and I am a former secondary school teacher and local authority adviser. Although retired, I am keen to stay involved with schools because I believe passionately that good schools really can transform lives. As a governor, I want to support everyone at Long Toft Primary School to be the best they can be.

Laura Beresford

I am currently a Year 6 teacher at Long Toft Primary. I love working here and it is really important to me that Long Toft and it's pupils does as well as they possibly can. I like to keep myself busy and my roles at Long Toft Primary school definitely help me to do that. I also enjoy getting involved in community projects and so I am the leader of a Cub Scout group in Woodlands. I believe organisations which help our young people to grow and develop are the foundation to success. 


Sam Coleman

I am a very proud Mum of two little Long Toft pupils and hold a range of Mental Health qualifications. I feel passionately about emotional development and I am proud to be part of a team that strive to provide a supportive environment for building life skills, resilience and a strong sense of belonging through education.

I hope to foster healthy relationships between parents, teachers and school staff so we can create a happy, safe space in which pupils can be confident and thrive.


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