Class Ten and Eleven

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to our F2 Family. I am Mrs. Atkinson and I will be your Class 10 teacher. I am Mrs. Stirling I will be your Class 11 teacher. Mrs. Berry, Mrs. Jennings, Miss Gorman, Miss Dalton and Mrs. Beckwith will also be in the classroom to help you learn. Your class number will be Class 10 (Mrs Atkinson) or Class 11 (Mrs Stirling). We can't wait to meet you all in September.

You will enter school through the F2 door each morning at 8.40. Mrs. Stirling or Mrs. Atkinson will be at this entrance ready to say "Good Morning." Our cloakroom is a place for you to keep all your things whilst you are at school. We are very lucky to have our own toilets in our classroom that you can go to throughout the day. Every morning, an adult will show you where they are and remind you how to carefully wash your hands using soap and water.

Here are just a few of our learning areas you will have chance to go into during the day. You will be able to build, paint pictures, role play and lots more. There will be lots more areas in September to help you learn and explore. At lunch time, you will go to the hall with the teachers from your class to eat your dinner. We will be there to help you carry your dinner and to help you settle in. At lunch time, you will go outside with your lunchtime supervisors Miss Gorman and Miss Morgan. This is where you can have some fresh air and play with your friends. You will leave the classroom through the same door you came in and find your adult waiting for you on the other side at home time.