September reopening

For more information about our reopening in September, please read below:

Returning to school FAQs

We know you will have lots of questions about returning to school, we have asked some of your friends who returned to school in June and July to try and answer these questions for you:

How did you feel when coming back to school?

Excited and a bit shy as we haven’t been here for a very long.

Could you see all of your friends?

You will see them, as long as you remember about your distancing and being in your bubble
Will I be stuck in the classroom all the time?
NO, you will be in the classroom a bit but we don't have to stay inside a lot, we have done a lot of outdoor work but sticking to our distancing.
Who will be in my group? Will they like me? Which class are you in? 
Our classes are staying together in September
Has everything changed?
Some things were the same and some things had changed but I got used to the changes really quickly. I am used to washing my hands and lining up leaving a gap between me and my friends.

I like having lunch with my class and having a lot more space in the playground.

We got used to the tables being different and not sitting with each other in groups. I like having my own space.  I like having all my own equipment on my table.

Can I play with my friends?

I can still play with all my friends at playtime we just have to stay away from each other. We have thought of new ways to play together like hide and seek.

Will I have to stand in a different place when I arrive and leave at school?

I’ve got used to it now and it makes it easier for me to see my grown up at the end of the day.

Can we touch things in school?

Our adults reassured us that everything had been cleaned. We see the adults clean equipment we are using, our tables are cleaned during the day and we wash our hands often.

Will I be able to stay 2 metres apart from my friends?

There are lines in the corridor , people standing back so they are not too close, plenty of space when we go outdoors, windows open to let fresh air in.

Will we still share equipment?

We all have our own equipment with labels on it. Laptops and iPads are cleaned between uses.

Will we eat our dinner in the classroom?

Tables cleaned before eating. We still eat with our friends.

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