Time to talk

At Long Toft Primary School, we pride ourselves in offering many types of support to all children in need. 

One form of support we offer is ‘Time to Talk.’  This is a programme that a child can access on a one to one basis, with an identified member of staff. Need for this session will be identified based on discussions with teaching staff. Sessions are approximately 20 to 30 minutes long and usually take place weekly, although this can be amended, to ensure that the needs of the individual are met. As the title suggests, these sessions allow the child to talk about anything that they wish to discuss as no agenda is set beforehand. The child can also attempt to find a solution, if needed, to a problem that may be concerning them. We acknowledge that some children find it difficult to talk without stimulus and so they are asked if they would prefer to be drawing, crafting or even walking as well as talking.

This is an intervention that is driven by the child. This is their programme and one that is tailored to meet the needs of the individual.