Art intervention

For many years, art has been associated with raising self-esteem, promoting positive mental health and having a calming and soothing effect on an individual.

Art is one of many curriculum subjects at Long Toft Primary School, however, we acknowledge that some individuals benefit from either one to one or small group work with Art firmly at the centre. Children may be offered an opportunity to take part in these interventions following a discussion with teaching staff. The intervention then enables the child to take part in a positive experience which will hopefully allow their creativity to flourish and build their confidence.

Art takes many forms and so each individual is able to express and discuss their feelings, whether it be through the use of paint, pencil or other mediums. Often, children will chat and review what they are doing but more importantly, gain the ability to take on new concepts and suggest ideas as their own self-belief increases.

These interventions are tailored to an individual or to small groups of children, by doing so, this raises their own self-awareness and builds an ‘I can do this!’ attitude.

Please follow the link to provided for more information about the benefits of art for children.