Remote learning assistance

Unfortunately, remote learning is not what anyone would choose for their children but whilst it is in place we would like to help our families as much as possible.


All of the remote learning tools that we use in school (Seesaw, Timestables rockstars, Purple mash, Numbots and SATs companion) are web based, this means that they can be accessed from any device which can open up an Internet search page. The only one of these websites that can be a little bit fussy is seesaw which does not work with Internet Explorer. To overcome this, please use Google Chrome. The link to download Google Chrome for free is below. Some children have been offered the opportunity to join Third Space Learning, unfortunately, this does not work with tablets or phones and therefore we completely understand if you need to opt out.

Click here to download Google Chrome.


Some of the remote learning tools that we offer have apps, they are not necessary to use but they you are welcome to download them if you wish.


TOP TIP - If you have more than one child trying to share one device, Seesaw work does not have to be done on the device. If the child reads the tasks that they need to do, they can then complete these on paper, photograph their work at the end and upload the photograph to Seesaw. Hopefully this will make sharing devices a bit easier.


For further information on how to access a web browser on a range of devices please read below. If you are still struggling please email your child's class email address and their teacher will try to help as much as possible. We can also pass on technical questions to our ICT support team but answers may take a little bit longer to come back from them.

Apple devices.

To access a web browser on an Apple device (iPad, iPhone, Mac Book), please click on the safari symbol. From here you should be able to search for any of our remote learning tools which are written above in bold.

Android devices and smart TVs.

Companies such as Samsung (and many others), have made a range of phones, tablets and even televisions which are all able to access an Internet web browser. Unfortunately, because they are all different brands, there is no one consistent symbol to click on. The symbol below is an example of Samsung's. Once you have found the web browser, again just search for the remote learning tools listed above in bold.


Press the PS4 logo on the controller. Go to the library, then games and applications. In applications choose the web browser (pictured below.) Then search for any of our remote learning tools (above in bold.)


Go to my games and apps. From there find Microsoft Edge (pictured below.) Microsoft Edge is a web browser, so from there just search for our remote learning tools (listed above in bold.)  

Kindle Fire.

If you have a Kindle Fire, one of the apps on it is called silk (pictured below.) This is also a web browser. When you click on Silk, you will be able to search for our remote learning tools (above in bold.)

Amazon firestick.

On an Amazon firestick, you can scroll across until you come to the Internet app. Again this is a web browser and can be used to access the remote learning tools above.